Samantha Evans

I have always had a heart for art. Ever since I was little I took art classes outside of school as well as in school. When highschool came and it was time to decide on a college I was forced to think of what my passion in life was. It really was not a long thinking process because it clicked that I always loved art.I took what I learned at ECU and added my own personal touch to my work. My pieces reflect what I consider organic and unique. I like rustic, antique things and thats what I would like people to see in my pieces.With the support of family and friends I have followed my dream of starting my own company and hopefully one day have a shop. I have a studio space in downtown Wilmington where I get to create my ideas and send them to you!

Art has always been an inspiration to me since I was a child. When it came time to decide what college to apply to I knew I wanted a place where I could learn more about art, East Carolina University was my final decision and what a great one. I learned all about metal design under some of the most prestigious teachers in the country. Following school I decided to pursue my passion in jewelry and started my own company. A few years ago while I was re-baptized at Topsail beach, I carried on a conversation with my bible study teacher about how I could bring God into my love of art without making all my art religious. She told me God decided that art would be my strong suit and he would always be a part of it, suddenly the name was obvious Reborn. It was a new life for me, a fresh start to my religious beliefs as well as my new company.



I am truly inspired by nature and all the glorious things it has to offer, animals, the ocean, trees and much, much more. I like to think of my jewelry and other art as organic, nature-like pieces. Nothing is perfect, but everything has character. My main materials in jewelry are silver, copper and enamel. A lot of my work is simple silver cut outs and chased pieces. My enamel pieces get more complicated with cutting, shaping and enameling in my kiln. At times I find old items in antique stores and add them to my handcrafted pieces in order to add a touch of my love for antiques. I take pride in the fact that each piece is handmade and one of a kind, even if I try to replicate a piece it never comes out the same. When I am not in my studio I am continually seeking out new ideas at the beach or in nature. I truly have a passion for art and I love that I can make it so people can walk around everyday wearing a piece of that passion.